Would I need any permits or licenses to do have a music concert? 1 Answers as of July 15, 2017

I would like to throw a concert with various artists. This would take place in a venue. What are the things I should be ready to answer and be prepared with?

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This is a huge question. You really should get a music lawyer to work on this with you. Consider hiring a lawyer to be part of your expenses. Choosing to hold your concert in a existing venue is a great choice. If the venue is already legally holding concerts, that means it most likely has all the zoning, safety, and parking requirements. It probably also has music use licenses from performing rights organizations. Speak with the venue about renting out its space. They will tell you what they need. The three main things they are likely to need are money, insurance, and information about who you are and what you plan to do. The venue might have insurance coverage you can buy through their insurer. If the venue is selling the alcohol and food, since you would be supplying the audience, you might want to ask for a percentage of the take. There will be a whole contract involved and you are best to have a lawyer representing you on it. One of the main things any venue is concerned about is safety. They may reject any event if it sounds unsafe. Many venues will reject any event that sounds like it will draw unsafe people or include unsafe activities. The venue will also want to know about your track record, experience, and associates. They will want to know if this is a private party, a charity event, a business venture, or part of an existing organization. If you get rejected by one venue, move on to other venues until you find one that is suited, or adjust what you are doing so it is more suited to venues.
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Replied: 7/15/2017
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