With him living so far away, how would I go about child support? 1 Answers as of October 04, 2017

I'm pregnant and is due in a couple months. My boyfriend who lives in another state cheated on me 2 months ago. I decided to try for the sake of our unborn son. Well, his behavior hasn't changed much so I am leaving him. He doesn't know this yet but baby will now have my last name, not his. With him living across the world, I doubt he'll be around much so I feel as though it's the right decision. Would they make him come here for visitations? I can’t imagine my child going all the way to his state for visitation. Can/should I start the process now?? Also, he has a business where he doesn't claim all his income on his taxes. He also rents his house out online and profits almost $10,000 a month from that alone. Should I document this info to show the proof when he tries to withhold it in the judge? He will try to pay me as little as possible. Since baby will have my last name, if I do get married in the future, would it be easier to change baby's last name to my future husband?

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R. Jason de Groot, P.A
R. Jason de Groot, P.A | R. Jason de Groot
You have many, many questions and should go to see a local family lawyer for a full discussion on what is best and what needs to be done. Child support would be calculated pursuant to a statute and there are a number of factors that we must know to calculate it. Yes, he would probably come to where you and the child reside for visitations. You cannot actually file a paternity case until the child is born, but you can get the ball rolling now so that can be done immediately. Yes, you should document everything that you can regarding his income from all sources, and one good way of showing that is to know what all the bills are and how much they are on a monthly basis. It will not be easy to change the name to the future husband's name, you would have to get the written consent of the father. It seems to me, from what you have said about his income, that the child support will be very high.
Answer Applies to: Florida
Replied: 10/4/2017
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