Will there be consequences with immigration? Posted on May 28, 2011

My friend just got a representative ("First Justice of this Court") from the Suffolk Probate and Family Court and gave him a letter explaining the Complaint and made him sign a paper which says he has 20 days "after service of this summons upon [him]" to file his "answer to the complaint in the office of the Register of this court". This is a complaint made by The Child Support Enforcement Division to establish support for his son. His son was born 6 months ago and he signed "an Acknowledgment of Parentage" at the day he was born. Since then, he has been giving the mother of his child a money order of $200 each month for support for the baby. My friend has no job and the way he gets the money to give to the mother is by getting help from friends and family. Based on this information, will he get in trouble with Immigration by going to court to respond to the Complaint and what is going to be expected by going there? Also, is there any way he can defend himself; which evidence is needed to show he has no job and supported by friends and family and has been helpful to the mother of the child? Also the mother told my friend that she is going to file for visitation and custody for the child although, she has the complete custody and my friend has none because they are not married to each other. Are there any other consequences with Immigration for my friend if she file for those? Is there a way to avoid Immigration & police problems for him? Will this problem prevent for my friend in becoming a resident\\citizen in future? (My friend came legally and has expired visa) Thank You!

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