Will signing guardianship of my unborn child prevent CPS from taking my custody rights? 1 Answers as of December 07, 2011

I lost the parental rights to my 3 children to cps over 8 years ago. I am now about to deliver another child. I have not had proper prenatal care due to the intense fear of the state finding out about the pregnancy. I am terrified that I will relive the horror I did before, and was planning on leaving the state. It's taking longer than expected. If I give my best friend who lives in Georgia, guardianship of my unborn child, will that prevent CPS from taking custody of my child? Would it force them to give the baby to the person who has guardianship? I'm living in California, friend in Georgia. I will hopefully be in Georgia as well, before the baby is born. The father of the child has no desire or interest in baby. Please help me! I have no living family where child would be placed. My friend is a military wife with no criminal record.

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I am very concerned that you have not sought proper prenatal care, regardless of your fear of detection. That does not seem to be in the best interestsofthe child. Your best bet might be to go to Georgia, seek medical attention, and have the child there. Then, you might be a be able to have your friend seek Guardianship, there. Trying to assign a Guardianship of the unborn child to your out-of-state friend, while you are here in California, would not be effective protection from CPS. Only you, the mother, has custody rights to an unborn child.
Answer Applies to: California
Replied: 12/7/2011
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