Will a shoplifting charge affect my visa? Posted on July 05, 2011

I am an American citizen. I have been formally accepted to a school in London (the united kingdom) with honors. I am required to get a Tier 4 student visa into the UK in order to study. I have never committed any sort of crime (I've never even gotten a detention in school) until last year when I made a very stupid choice and shoplifted from a store. I faced what I did and paid my fine (which was $300). I cried but the cop told me that I didn't need to worry and it wouldn't affect me getting a visa (I knew I'd be coming to the UK then) because it was my first offense and just a misdemeanor. No jail, just a fine. Will I be refused for a visa? Should I declare it on my application? Or do they only check for felonies. I'm so scared and I need help. Surely this won't ruin my chances.

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