Will the new SORNA sex offender legislation work retroactively in Alaska? Posted on January 12, 2011

If your state ruled that the Retroactive application of the sex offender registry is a violation of the State Constitution, and made their registry only list those whose conviction post dated their registry laws, how does the new SORNA, federal law which goes into effect January 28, 2011, affect those registrants in that state who are NOT required to register under State Law? If the supreme court of a state rules the State Sex Offender Registry cannot be applied retroactively as per the Alaska Constitutional ban on Ex-Post Facto Law, What power does SORNA have over those citizens in Alaska who are not required to register, but would if the state had not ruled in favor of the Constitution, or if SORNA were applied to that state? What do you see is the next step for Alaska since Alaska has ruled against this type of law?

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