Will my husband lose his SSI Benefits? Posted on July 04, 2011

My husband has received SSI benefits since he was a child. We got married a while back and can't really afford a lot on his SSI income. If he terminated his SSI and decided to go to work (even though he is disabled) will he have to pay back all that he has ever received from SSI? He is scared because we cannot afford this. But it's hard to make it on $674 alone. Plus someday I may get me a nicer car and SSI will not allow cars over a certain price. I do not work or receive SSI by the way. My husband has a hard time reading and a physical disability, but if he could find a good paying job and had to stop SSI then would he be forced to pay it back? Or if I went to work and made more than is allowed and he was cut off would he have to pay it back? My husband is disabled, but it's hard to make it on his SSI.

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