Will my ex be able to leave the country to avoid paying child support? 1 Answers as of February 23, 2011

25 years ago, my ex was convicted of the sale of 70 kilos of cocaine and was sentenced to 1 year in prison.(he had a great attorney it was supposed to be 10 years). It was later expunged because the police were involved in an illegal reverse sting. We have 4 children together. We are now divorced. In 2005 he was removed but because they mailed the info to an incorrect address, his case was remanded back for review. He has since had 2 DUIs (one of which he got down to a reckless driving). He also owes me $70,000.00 in child support but does not pay so I am on welfare (for the record I immediately went back to school after our divorce and just graduated in December with my R.N.). He now has the most expensive attorney in Beverly Hills and is making up a beautiful but false life. He is showing a business but since he has no drivers license (from lack of payment of child support), it is just a DBA. He moved to the city where I live with our children 2 months ago and even got my 2 older children debit cards showing their address as his. I am the custodial parent and he has visitation. They do not live with him. Do they pull up his passport (flagged because of non-payment for child support), or look for a drivers license (also suspended for non payment of child support), or pull up his trw? If he spent 1 year but it was expunged, is it still an aggravated felony? Do they investigate or just take the face value of what he brings to court. He is a Nigerian and has lots of money to fabricate things. What do you think his chances are of staying in the U.S. is there any way I can contact the prosecuting attorney to share the truth? I want to know if he is going to get off or go home!

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There is nothing to hesitate for. You should report to district attorney right away!
Answer Applies to: Florida
Replied: 2/23/2011
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