Will my babys father be able to get custody? Posted on April 13, 2011

When we first found out I was pregnant my babys dad Aaron wanted adoption or abortion. I said no to both so he broke up with me. He started going with me to appointments at 16 weeks but he was still mad and called me a lot of names. After that appt. he went with me to the 20 week ultrasound and that was it. Something caused a big fight and he ignored me for 7 weeks. I am having health issues and he has not gone to any appts. He has not been to any of the emergency visits, he has not helped buy anything for her, not a single sock, and he has not been there at all. I am 27 weeks pregnant and found out I have more health problems. I called him today and he finally answered. He insulted me, called me trash, called me names, and said I was nothing but an incubator to him. He wants nothing to do with me and says he will not be there at all or talk to me until she is out than he will be there for her. I do not think it is right that he can abandon me and show up after it all to play dad. He would rather spend his time on a dating site than be with me to help me through this so out daughter is born safe. She is not a priority to him not and she does not deserve that even is she is not born yet. He is navy. We are not married. If I take him to court what are my chances of getting full custody? I live at home with the support of my parents, I will be working again after she is born as well as doing college online. I have a stable living place. Child support is not an issue I would rather not get it than him take her. Do I have to put him on the birth certificate? He doesn’t want to be there when she is born because he doesn’t want to see me. Do I have to let him see her in the hospital or when I get home with her? Doesn’t he need a DNA test before he can fight for her? I need legal advice on if he will be able to take her away? I have no criminal history, do not smoke or party or drink. I have done this pregnancy on my own. Does she have to have his last name if she is under his insurance?

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