Will it be legal to open a business where customers can order exotic dancers for private parties? 1 Answers as of January 06, 2015

This will not be a strip club. Just call order a performer and pay for entertainment. No sex. Just dancing and stripping.

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It is very difficult to make such a business legal. It is even more difficult to make such a business safe for for the dancers and the customers. If the breasts or sexual organs are exposed, this becomes adult entertainment. In some locations, it can be adult entertainment even without that. It is very difficult to get zoning and licensing and insurance on adult entertainment. if you think about this, where is the party being held? If it is at a bar, restaurant, or hotel, their licensing is in jeopardy if they have adult entertainment without proper zoning and licensing. If the party is in a home, frat house, or other such private place, there can be problems with regard to zoning, need for an entertainment license, homeowners association, and on. There is always a problem with where to advertise. Another problem is that police will be constantly trying to entrap the business and the dancers. Some of these businesses have ended with a dancer making allegations of rape. If you plan to start such a business, you need to hire a lawyer and go over all aspects of the law - municipal, county, state and federal - and look at things such as business license, insurance, zoning, sex entertainment laws, adult entertainment laws, etc. You need to know what the line is between dancing and prostitution. This line has caused many arrests. My guess is that most of these businesses last for under one year and end in some sort of arrest, accusation, threat or serious mishap. If you do all the homework to do it all legal, you will probably find that it really can't practically be done all legal, because each location where the dancers go to perform presents a new set of laws, zoning, homeowner or business regulations. That is why a strip dancing business that is constantly moving is not likely to be legal. That is why strip dancing businesses that want to be legal are located in one static location that is very carefully chosen for their zoning and local laws. Such clubs that want to stay in business run with very specific rules about what can and cannot be shown and a strict ban on touching. They also hire big men as bouncers.
Answer Applies to: California
Replied: 1/6/2015
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