Will I suffer any consequences if I pay my ex wife to sign off on the will and divorce? Posted on August 05, 2011

I have three kids from my first marriage, and my second marriage will end soon. For the majority of my second marriage, my wife subsidized some of my vehicle and living expenses, but the economy has put her into foreclosure and bankruptcy. The life insurance from my current job comes to about $170,000, and I want to have it split evenly 4 ways (my wife and 3 kids each 25%). My wife has not and will not sign off for that split, saying that she will provide for my youngest child, and keep the rest. She recently made a proposal to me, that I talk to my ex-wife and tell her that if she gives me $10,000 (to give to my wife), she will exit the will altogether. Or, if my ex-wife gives up $2500, she will sign off on the will being split 4 ways and give me the divorce. I originally told her that this sounds like blackmail to me, she argues that is nothing more than a negotiation. Is this something that one or both of us will suffer consequences from?

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