Will I lose the right to see my children if I am sent to jail? Posted on July 20, 2011

I’ve violated my dvo 2 times last 2 months. Was told by spouse dvo was dropped and I feel like an idiot cause I’m on h.i.p. as we speak. She lied to police and courts about our living together and when I go to court July 29th I feel I’m against the world. I've been caregiver to children cause I don’t work and now I’ve been pushed out of my home. just worried if I tell truth in court about her lies our children will suffer more but I don’t want to go to jail’s know I’m stupid for going back before I got proof of do being dropped but I don’t want to lose my family and I feel lost cause I can’t get a lawyer. Please help advise me and I swear I’m not playing innocent but I really believed in her and now I’m just scared I will go to jail and not see kids and lose what I have in our family.

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