Will I lose in court even if I am still paying rent? Posted on May 16, 2011

I signed a year lease with two other roommates and it stated that the total rent was $1090.00/month. Since all of the rooms were different sizes I told them I would take the larger room and pay the most because I had a job while they did not and could afford it. I did not sign anything saying I would continue this rent for the entire length of the lease. They turned out to be horrible roommates and made me miserable and put up "chore lists" so I would have to clean their messes. I warned them many times before I moved out that they should look for another roommate. One day I got a note telling me to clean up the kitchen (I was gone all weekend working and came back to this) and I confronted them. Things got out of hand and I told them enough was enough and got a moving truck and moved back home to my parents that night. I got a notice in the mail saying I was being sued for the majority of rent (what I was paying, not the third) plus electric bills, plus cable bills. Meanwhile, the next month hasn't even hit yet and I was going to continue paying the larger room rent anyways just to get them to leave me alone. I was blown away by the notice of being brought to court that I decided to pay next months rent, but only a third of it. I'm still paying and I've already paid up 3 months without living there. I go to court Friday. Is there a chance I will lose and will owe them more than a third each month still PLUS electric/cable bills? To me it doesn't seem like they have much to stand on considering I'm fulfilling the legal contract I signed, but I would like legal opinion to know that to prepare myself for.

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