Will I be sentenced to jail or community service for possession of marijuana? 1 Answers as of April 01, 2011

Back in July of last year I was pulled over for an expired inspection sticker and also got a ticket for possession of marijuana. This was my first ever run in with the law and it was a pinch of weed. They gave me the option to participate in a Pre-Trial Intervention course as opposed to bringing it before the court. That went sort of okay until I couldn’t front my payments and had to stop. I'm not sure what’s going to happen next but I'm pretty sure I'll be summoned to court. My question is: Will they sentence me to jail time or community service or a slap on the wrists with a hefty fine to pay? I just wanted to know before the actual sentencing because I planned to join the Navy and not only has this been holding me up but jail time equals no military career.

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This will all depend upon the specific details of your case - including the amount of marijuana in your possession at the time of arrest and the specific charges filed against you. Your best option is to hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer who will be able to work with you to craft a strong defense. It is often possible to negotiate suspended and/or reduced sentences and charges in return for certain plea deals in these sort of circumstances but every case is unique. This is certainly a type of case which our firm handles. If you are seeking legal representation in this matter in Louisiana, we invite you to contact our firm at the information on this page for a free case evaluation to determine whether we would be able to assist you.
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Replied: 4/1/2011
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