Will I be able to file a claim against a police officer? Posted on May 31, 2011

I was with my girlfriend coming back from a beach on memorial day. I passed a cop parked on a corner. He went after me and pulled me over. He came up to my car and before saying anything looks and smiles at my girlfriend and says how old are you? Then asks are you guys related? She says no he is my boyfriend. He tells me I didnt make a complete stop at a stop sign and takes my licence. He comes back because apparently i have a suspended licence since December. (which i paid and have documentations that i did so, but not on me). So he tells me to come outside the car cuffs me and puts me in the back of the police car. He came up to my girlfriend and told her to follow us to the precinct. Puts me in a cell, came outside to my girlfriend with my driving record and shows her my record and says "why would you be with a person like that, i know he is your boyfriend but if you want to give me your number you can do so". After she says no he goes inside and writes me 3 tickets for a stop sign, seatbelt (not sure where he got that from) and driving with a suspended license. Is he allowed to reveal my driving record to someone who has no business looking at it and was he allowed to ask my girlfriend out even though she already informed him I am her boyfriend. Is there anything we can do to bring justice to what happend. I spent 13 months in Iraq fighting for this country and this made me lose any faith in what I did oversees. I have never been more disappointed as I was that day. This has nothing to do with the tickets, I am just disgusted that I paid with my tax dollars to get myself put in a cage like an animal so the police officer can ask for my girlfriend's number.

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