Will going to court help me if I am being sued for repossessed vehicle? Posted on June 02, 2011

Vehicle was repossessed when job was lost. I received notice of being sued and responded to the court and collection agency within 20 days. Wanted to assume responsibility and make payments. Collection agency wants no less than $500.00 per month or they will take it to court and attempt to garnish my wages for $600.00. I realize that the agency can only garnish up to 25% of my wages, however, that amount puts me in the red with my monthly budget. I live paycheck to paycheck, so that amount will put me in the street. I want to fulfill my responsibility and pay this dept. My question is: if I go to court, is a judge more reasonable with the amount of payment, (I can afford about $200.per month), or does the judge usually side with the collection agency and allow wages to be garnished?

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