Will the felon show up when I go to applying for jobs, and if so what can I do so it will not show? 12 Answers as of January 21, 2013

I was convicted of theft that turned out in 2011, and was placed on two-year probation. My probation will be up April 2013, and I plan to start school for CNA & branch over to LPN.

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Yes. In Michigan the common method to remove it from the public record is by expungement depending on the type of crime. There may be other procedures but they vary drastically depending on the unique circumstances of a conviction and sentence.
Answer Applies to: Michigan
Replied: 1/21/2013
Cynthia Henley, Lawyer
Cynthia Henley, Lawyer | Cynthia Henley
Yes, it will show up now and it will always show up.
Answer Applies to: Texas
Replied: 1/21/2013
Law Office of Jeff Yeh
Law Office of Jeff Yeh | Jeff Yeh
Yes it will, which is why you should hire a lawyer to expunge the case once you complete probation.
Answer Applies to: California
Replied: 1/21/2013
Hamblin Law Office | Sally Hamblin
Yes it will unless you had an attorney that worked out a plea for you for a delay or diversion. You must wait several years, depending on state statute, how long you wait for expungement.
Answer Applies to: Michigan
Replied: 1/18/2013
Connell-Savela | Jason Savela
It will show up as a felony conviction for theft, if convicted, there is no way to remove from your record, so be honest, no minimization, accept responsibility if it was deferred sentence, then after the d.s. ends, it should show up as a dismissed charge, you can get it sealed from public view but you have to request sealing and it takes about 90 days or so, you should hire someone to do that for you bc it can be tricky.
Answer Applies to: Colorado
Replied: 1/18/2013
    Gates' Law, PLLC | Thomas E. Gates
    Your criminal record will show the theft conviction. After you complete the terms of your sentencing have your record expunged.
    Answer Applies to: Washington
    Replied: 1/18/2013
    Law Office of Brendan M. Kelly
    Law Office of Brendan M. Kelly | Brendan M. Kelly
    The felony will likely show up. You can apply for a pardon, but likely have to wait at least 3 years from the time you finish.
    Answer Applies to: Nebraska
    Replied: 1/18/2013
    Rivera Legal Group, PLLC
    Rivera Legal Group, PLLC | Victor Rivera
    Regardless of whether you were placed on probation or actually pleaded guilty, the arrest and conviction will show up on your record until you have it expunge from your record. If you were charged with a felony, then you cannot attempt to have that removed from your arrest and Criminal record until five years after you have successfully completed probation. So yes, when you apply for these nursing jobs they will see you.
    Answer Applies to: Texas
    Replied: 1/18/2013
    R. Jason de Groot, P.A
    R. Jason de Groot, P.A | R. Jason de Groot
    The felony will show up when you apply for jobs. So, you have to be truthful on the applications. You might check with the board of nursing to find out if you can even be licensed with a felony conviction.
    Answer Applies to: Florida
    Replied: 1/18/2013
    Michael Breczinski
    Michael Breczinski | Michael Breczinski
    This is a public record. It will stay with you forever unless you can get it expunged. In Michigan you have to wait at least 5 years before even applying to get it expunged. Also (with a couple of minor exceptions) you can't have any other convictions on your record. Sit down with an attorney and your past record and talk about it.
    Answer Applies to: Michigan
    Replied: 1/18/2013
    The Rogers Law Firm
    The Rogers Law Firm | Andrea Storey Rogers
    If you actually have a conviction for a felony, then yes, it will show up on a criminal background check. If you were given an SIS (suspended imposition of sentence) with probation and you successfully completed probation without any violations, then there should not be any conviction on your record. Your case will still be an open and pending case until probation is completed, and that may show up on your criminal background check. In some courts, the judge will terminate the probation after you have completed half of the probation period if you have had no violations and you have a good reason for asking.
    Answer Applies to: Missouri
    Replied: 1/18/2013
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