Who Is Responsible For Real Estate Taxes and Insurance after bankruptcy? Posted on July 12, 2011

I plan to file a chapter 7, then continue to make mortgage payments. I am not in arrears. After the discharge, without any reaffirmation (a ride through), am I responsible to the county tax authority for real estate taxes that are assessed after the discharge? If they go unpaid, the tax authority places a lien on the property, but am I personally responsible for those taxes? Currently they are escrowed with the monthly mortgage payment - will the lender pay the taxes on my behalf when they know I have included the property in a chapter 7 and have not reaffirmed? Similarly, regarding homeowners insurance, which is also escrowed, should I continue to carry insurance on my personal liability for the property? When, assembly, any claim against my liability would prompt me to surrender the property immediately to the lender to escape such liability

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