Who gets legal custody of their pets? Posted on April 05, 2011

My daughter and her ex-boyfriend raised a cat together in college. Since their break-up, they got along well as friends and shared custody of their cat for the past three years. (I am very fond of the cat also since she has lived more at my house than any place else since she was born.) It is now time for my daughter to have the cat back, and her x will not give her up. Now that he is out of law school and has his own practice, he stated that their arrangement was stupid and refuses to share the cat. He finally PROMISED to let my daughter have the cat. My daughter volunteered to drive to his place and get her, but he suggested that they meet in Frye's parking lot instead. My daughter phoned him the night before their meeting (yesterday) to make sure that he was going to meet with her. She also called him before she left the house for their rendezvous. Both times he said that he would be there; however, he never showed. She called him from the parking lot, and he told her that he had changed his mind! Does my daughter have any recourse as far as sharing custody of her cat again? Are verbal agreements and promises binding?

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