Who is entitled to a sale of property in a divorce? 5 Answers as of August 25, 2015

My parents who are divorced just sold their Mobile Home, my question is, is my father's current wife entitled to any monies from the sale?

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Diane l. Berger | Diane L. Berger
If the sale was of marital property the proceeds would go to the husband and wife. Not the new wife.
Answer Applies to: Nebraska
Replied: 8/18/2015
Joanna Mitchell & Associates, P.A.
Joanna Mitchell & Associates, P.A. | Joanna Mitchell
Your question is too complicated and much more information would need to be known. The answer is "maybe" or "maybe not". You should consult with an attorney.
Answer Applies to: Florida
Replied: 8/18/2015
S. Joseph Schramm | Joseph Schramm
Whether your father's new wife would receive any of the proceeds of the mobile home sale would depend on the agreement your parents had on the division of their property. If your father was to receive some or all of the proceeds of the sale and placed the money in some property held jointly with his new wife, such as a joint bank account, she would be entitled to half of the value of that account, including the deposited proceeds. If he is not to receive any of the proceeds or if he keeps any money received in an account or other property separate from his new wife, she would not have a right to any of the funds.
Answer Applies to: Pennsylvania
Replied: 8/18/2015
Law Offices of Helene Ellenbogen, P.S.H | Helene Ellenbogen
Not if none of her money went into it. Since this is a divorce, she has no rights to anything unless she loaned them money and wants her loan paid.
Answer Applies to: Washington
Replied: 8/18/2015
Grace Law Offices of John F Geraghty Jr.
Grace Law Offices of John F Geraghty Jr. | John F. Geraghty, Jr.
That would be a no.
Answer Applies to: Georgia
Replied: 8/25/2015
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