Who do I file against regarding property damage due to a leaking storage unit roof? Posted on June 02, 2011

I had my property stored in a U-Haul storage unit over the winter. Last spring I had went to get an item out of storage and realized my stuff was wet and moldy. I contacted the general manager to inspect the unit. He said he would take pictures and report it. He did take pictures but never reported it and gave me a run around. I called into the uhauls insurance company, republic western, and set up the claim myself. I only had $5000 in insurance on the unit. The republic western reviewed the case, and ruled in my favor. The only problem is that after depreciated value, my property was a total loss of over $8000. If I were to take this case to small claims, whom would I call as the defendant? The general manager that worked at the storage facility has been replaced, the main U-Haul Company is in Columbus, Oh, and the actual property owner of the U-Haul storage facility is in Arizona. The location I had my property stored at is in Newark, Oh. So who would be the appropriate person to file against?

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