When is it dental negligence? Posted on April 24, 2011

Six weeks ago, I had a procedure done to get two teeth ready to hold a bridge in place. In the process, a post was put into one of the teeth to strengthen it to be able to hold the bridge. Before the surgery I did tell the Dr. that I believed there was a crack in the tooth because it kept hurting and chipping despite an earlier root canal. Pain filled both teeth and an oral surgeon said both teeth should come out and sent me back to my dentist to do it. It took her a very long time like 1.5 hours to get out my back tooth. In the process, she became very nervous and kept apologizing that she didn't "knock me out for this". At one point, I freaked out when I felt the drill hit a top molar as she put it back into my mouth and told her that hurt. She thought i meant the bottom ones and numbed me more but the top one was killing me and still is hurting off and on. AFter she finished on a friday, I was in a ton of pain by sunday and called in for emergency dental. I told her I was in major pain and that I had bone exposed on the inside of my jaw. She said, "no, there is no way it is bone, it probably just looks like bone, sockets can look weird after the teeth are out. I told her it wasnt in the socket it was on the inside of my jaw! She blew me off again and told me to call the office tomorrow. So I did and sure enough my tissue has torn! She put stitches in and I had dry socket. I spent a week going back to the dentist everyday to get more paste filling put into the dry sockets. Three days into it, they noticed the stitches had torn leaving an even larger tear in my gums with jawbone exposed. So they sent me to their specialist who said that I should wait and within two weeks or so skin would grow back over it. Well a week later I returned to my dentist and she was surprised at how much larger the tear had gotten since she first stitched it and proceeded to tell me that I must have a dental black cloud over me attracting bad luck, laughed nervously and tried to blow me off.

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