When can I stop visitation changes in a child custody case? Posted on July 22, 2011

The parents should amicably confer regarding any necessary modifications of, or adjustments in, the visitation schedule herein as fairness dictates. If the parents cannot agree on visitation arrangements, then the HUSBAND will have visitation with the minor child in the following manner: 1st, 3rd, 5th weekends, certain holidays, first 3 weeks of June, last 3 weeks of July, also 2-3 days during the week, the specific days will be determined by the work schedules of the parties and agreed upon by the parties. These guidelines are pretty straight forward. I'm single, work, and live alone. My wife is remarried and doesn't work. I still find myself changing the time frames of visitation to suit her needs constantly. I still get all my time, just at different points throughout the month. It becomes a major hassle. I've always made the requested changes she's asked for, but when is it enough? What kind of leeway do I have in this situation?

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