What will happen with divorce and immigration? Posted on March 06, 2011

My wife is a US citizen. I am Canadian. We got married in Colorado on 8/9/10. I came back to Canada for Christmas, and was deported when I tried to re-enter the US. I was told that I could not return to the US until my wife filed an I-30 Petition for An Alien Relative.

Because my wife decided that she wanted a divorce while I was away, she does not want to do anything illegal by submitting that form. My understanding is that there is nothing illegal about submitting the I-30 form because it only indicates that we got married, not necessarily that we intend to stay married.

What is true is that we love each other and got married because at the time we fully intended to share out lives together.

Is it illegal for her to submit the 1-30 form when she is thinking about divorce?

And if she goes through with it, what options do I have, if any, to at least get back into the country to pick up my belongings if immigration says I cannot enter?

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