What will happen to my son when he goes to court? 1 Answers as of March 16, 2011

My son just turned 18, started experimenting with alcohol and marijuana. A few months ago he was caught drunk on school property. He was suspended, went to court, got community service, and was told not to get in trouble for a year. A few months went by and he got caught with 2 nickel bags of marijuana and a pipe. Now he is suspended for 90 days, and has to go to court on the 23rd of March. He is not really bad outside of this no tattoos ,piercings, clean shaven, wanted to be an EMT, but thinks this has put this has put an end to his plans. What do you think will happen to him when he goes to court? Thank you for any help you can give me.

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At his first court date, your son will be told the charges against him. The judge will give tour son the opportunity to speak with a deputy prosecutor to try to make a deal. After that, the judge will ask if your son wants to have a lawyer. At that point, your son can hire a private attorney if he has the funds available. As far as an EMT career, he won't be hampered by a single pot bust. Especially because he can get the conviction vacated and dismissed. He really needs to speak with me or another defense attorney who knows search and seizure and drug laws. I am a former narcotics prosecutor so I know that area of law very well. If your son would like, he can contact me and I will give him a free initial consultation. Worst case in this case is similar to best case. If you son is convicted he would likely do one day in jail. If he beats the charge he would save himself a day of freedom.
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Replied: 3/16/2011
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