What will happen to me if I missed a court payment? Posted on May 24, 2011

I have beem making monthly payments of $30.00 to the court for a traffic matter. I made my first payment in October 2009. This month May 2011 would have been my last payment. I make all my payment online. I was planning on just making a double payment $60.00 in April to just get it finally paid off and done with. My problem,: I got sick Easter weekend, and continued to get worse, so bad I have been off work since late April. Was having horrible coughing spells that were starting to make me literally pass out, waking up on the floor. Finally on May 10th I had to go to the Emergency Room, where I was given a chest x-ray for possible pneumonia, and was put on a breathing machine for awhile, medicated and released, with antibiotics and an inhaler I now have to use. My diagnosis was: Acute Bronchitis, and was bed ridden until I finally got up on May 15, forcing myself to feel better. While I was up it dawned on me, I had never made my April/May payment, May payment being due on May 17th i believe. I immediately went on line to pay it off only to notice my balance now said $397.00. Also all this time I have no voice. I immediately emailed the lawyer who helped me with this case in the first place, explained as I just did. He emailed me back the next day telling me to go ahead and pay the regular pay off of $60.00 as I had planned and when I felt better to go with my proof (hospital paperwork) and talk to the judge and explain it was unintentional, that I had been so sick, and had accidentally forgotten to pay it on time. I thought the same thing. So I went online to pay it, the $60 until I could go to court but notice, I am not given the opportunity like I am usually to put in the amount I am paying, just the new payoff amount of $397, and a box to put my bank card information and account #, which meant if I did that they would charge my account the full amount and I would end up bouncing a check to the court. I know that is NEVER good, and wouldn’t help me

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