What will happen to me after I got pulled over without a license? Posted on July 09, 2011

I was recently pulled over with driving with my permit. I complete all my drivers ed and the only reason i havent taken my drivers license is because of timing. i set up an appointment and everything but it was voided for some reason and i have to reschedule for sometime later in the month of the day i got pulled over. The cop gave me a ticket for $290 and 5 points. I was going 45 at a 30 mph road. i kinda doubt that i was speeding but not 100% sure. I understand that this was a complete idiotic moment on my part and im happy to pay for the fine. i was just wondering how this would effect my chances in college admissions since i have a late birthdate and i wont be 18 until the beginning freshman year. should i plead guilty with an explanation? and try to get maybe some of the points off? or am i better off paying the fine.

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