What will happen regarding our child custody hearings? Posted on March 13, 2011

In May 2010, my ex-husband filed a motion regarding our custody agreement. There were several continuances filed between May and December of 2010, then the hearing regarding his motion occurred in late January or early February of 2011. I was completely unaware that any of these documents had been filed and that any hearings had been scheduled regarding my custody case until March 3, 2011, when my ex-husband mentioned something about a recent order by the judge. I immediately went to the courthouse to figure out what was going on. There, the court clerk showed me how to use an office computer to see all documents filed in my case. I paid 25 cents per page to print the documents that had been filed. After looking through the papers, I noticed that the court indicated at the bottom of the filed papers that copies had been sent to me at an address I had not lived at in almost 3 years. One document prepared by my ex-husband's attorney indicated that a copy had been telefaxed to my previous attorney's office. (My previous attorney had withdrawn from my case months earlier, which was known to all parties involved.) Since I was unaware of anything going on in my case, I was not in court for the scheduled hearings, and the judge made new rulings/orders that affect my visitation with my daughter. What can I now do to have my side presented in court? I don't think I should have to hire a lawyer and pay thousands of dollars to correct this situation given that the court made an error in sending the documents to the wrong address, thereby preventing me from having an opportunity to be heard regarding my custody case. I'm a nurse, but I just started a new job and have very little funds at my disposal at this time. Thank you for your help.

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