What will happen regarding my possession of marijuana charge? Posted on March 17, 2011

About two months ago three friends and I were driving to get food. The friend driving ran a red light, and the cop said he smelled weed so he searched the car. He ended up finding a scale, a bunch of baggies, and a joint or something like that. The friend also pulled about 20 grams from his underwear and handed it to the cop, telling him it was all his and that we had no idea it was there. The cop released the friend to the custody of his mom and I drove his car and followed his mom to their house. I believed me and the other two were in the clear seeing as the Police officer only asked my name and nothing else, but a couple weeks ago I got a summons to get arraigned for Possession of Marijuana. The other two haven't been charged with anything. I live in Ohio and am 17. I'd just like to know on what grounds they think they can charge me, and if I should be worried about actually getting convicted.

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