What will happen in my possession of alcohol case? Posted on March 28, 2011

I am 20 years old I was sitting at my house with one other person the other night and the police showed up on my porch and looked through my windows and then knocked on my door and asked if I was me and if I had posted something about playing beer pong on facebook (they would not tell me who reported me). I answered yes but told them there was water in the cups which was true but when I had seen the cop looking in my window when he went for the door I hid my beer in the couch after asking about the beer pong he asked where my beer was I lied and said I didnt have any but there was a second officer on the ground who continued to watch through my windows and saw me hide the beer I walked away from the door and they followed into my house I wouldn’t tell them where I got my beer. They gave me a breathalyzer and I blew 0.00 they took my case of beer had me sign a seizure of property form and then gave me a citation for possession under the legal age. I just think it seems kind of off the way it all happened I feel a little violated by the fact they were looking through my windows especially before they tried to knock on the door just need a legal opinion.

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