What will happen if I am being charged with 18-7512 A, 35 780-113 A16, 35 780, 113 A30? 3 Answers as of April 04, 2013

I have very little money and I need a lawyer as soon as Friday. I have my Preliminary Hearing on April 5, 2013. I have pictures and proof of the charge. If someone would be able to get back to ASAP, it will be appreciated.

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Barton Barton & Plotkin
Barton Barton & Plotkin | Maurice Ross
This is posted in New York, but I believe you are being charged in Pa. Thus, this is posted in the wrong place. If you have no money, a public defender should be appointed for you.
Answer Applies to: New York
Replied: 4/4/2013
William L. Welch, III Attorney | William L. Welch, III
If you cannot afford to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney, then apply to the office of the public defender for an appointed one. An attorney can assist you with evaluating the prosecution's case, any defenses that you might have, and any plea offer that might be made, so that you can decide whether to plea bargain or go to trial. If you were to be found guilty, then an attorney can assist you with presenting mitigation, allocution, and a recommendation for a more lenient sentence. and a recommendation for a more lenient sentence.
Answer Applies to: Maryland
Replied: 4/3/2013
Lawrence Lewis
Lawrence Lewis | Lawrence Lewis, PC
Why not just list the actual charges?
Answer Applies to: Georgia
Replied: 4/2/2013
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