What is the time restriction that the D.A. to reopen a misdemeanor case? Posted on June 23, 2011

I was arrested for driving while under the inf. of drugs. I had had a senior and the police would not listen to me. I was transported to a hospital for blood tests and the meds they found I have prescriptions for. The case was null processed and my attorney told me they would have 6 months to re-open this case. I was arrested after the six month time and my lawyer is out of country in Iraq and I am trying to find this info on my own, please any help with this new law??? I was appointed a court appointed attorney and am only trying to help myself. Is there a case out there or a notation of the law I could download to get this behind me, I have the scripts for any meds in my body at the time, but they insist on bringing this back to surface and I really need the advice, where to look or what the truth is about the law. I know a felony they can bring back any time but pertaining to me they should only have 6 months.

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