What tactics should I use to get a divorce in New York if I do not know where he is? Posted on January 31, 2011

I am aiming to represent myself in a divorce. My husband has been absent for about 6 years, and we have no children or joint property. He is (to my knowledge) a drifter. I have no address for him or reasonable way to find out. Internet searches show his last address as the one we shared years ago, or his mother's in the same town. I plan to seek service by publication - and this is my question.

Is it to my benefit that I have made contact thru email and a no-name cell which he gave me the number to? I have record of my informing him of my intentions, and his subsequent refusal to give me his address. On different occasions, he has said he is in several different states, that he is moving, he will get back to me. This has been going on for over a year. Would this hinder my ability to publish notice in the paper in the town of his last known address? Or would it prove due diligence in trying to locate him? Should I stick to the black and white facts of last known residence? What other proof do I need to satisfy a judge? There is no way I can afford a PI, and as I said he is a drifter and would likely leave town to dodge service if I did find his location. The IRS denied my request for his last filing address, though I am pretty sure he has not filed since he left me - I just paid more than $2000 over the last few years for his debt owing from the last year we filed together. He is just jerking me around at this point and I feel I need to dissolve this farce of a marriage as soon as possible to avoid further damage to my finances, as well as my sanity. Thank you.

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