What should I do regarding my employment? Posted on March 04, 2011

My company has around 24 buyers. Several of these buyer are working from their home and have been for quite some time. I know one has worked from home since 1990. About a month and a half ago my company called me and my co-worker in Houston and told just the two of us that we would be participating in a pilot program and that we would be under a new manager and would have to move 35-40 miles across town to another location. I said I was not going to move, that it was too long of a commute. After discussing this for several weeks (management, not with the two of us), they decided that we would have to work 3 days a week at the new location and could work 2 at our current location. They said that working from home was not an option because it was no longer going to be allowed, although they indicated that those working from home already would be grandfathered and allowed to stay working from home. For years we have asked about working from our homes and were always told it was not allowed at the company. I believe the reason my office is not an option and the only reason they even have been mentioning working from home is because my office most likely will be closing eventually. Bottom line, I said I would not be going and they are letting me go. They are evidently giving me severance pay, I will know more about this on Monday. Can they lawfully let me go for not commuting this far when there are people allowed to work from home. How can they make different rules for people in the same position? Is this discrimination? What if this pilot program is never put into place for the other sites? I will have lost my job for nothing. They also have not given me my last day, but they were saying around the end of March. At this point, I'm just listening to what they say. Also my manager had mentioned 7 weeks of severance when the severance rate is 1 week per year up to 12 years and I have been with the company over 13 years.

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