What should I do if the victim of parental alienation and slander? Posted on June 22, 2011

I am a resident of NYS, divorced, mother of two, ages 10, 12. Father lives in Wisconsin; I have a healthy relationship with him. His parents live in my town, his mother [children's grandmother] is a NYS licensed family therapist/CCSW. She has refused to speak to me since divorce in 2002. Last weekend, girls father came in to town to see them and his parents. Grandmother took our children aside separately and without their father’s knowledge, and offered information to them regarding the divorce; information she gave them was all untrue and has severely alienated me from my children. I have had similar problems with Grandmother in the past regarding abusive conversations that she has had with my children that have been very damaging to them. My children have told me in the past that their grandmother is always unkind to them; they now refer to her by her first name. The conversation she had with my children included adultery by myself, inappropriate gun usage in my home, threatening my in-laws with guns [I am not nor have ever been a gun owner], falsifying statements about their father in court and telling them that their father is a dangerous man to their physical well being. Again, none of the aforementioned is true. My 12 year old has a brain disorder [Cyclothymia] and the symptoms of this condition have been made much worse as a direct result of what Grandmother has said. I have tried to communicate with Grandmother in the past but she will have no part of it. I have never alienated any family member or my children’s father to them. My children will no longer be spending any time with Grandparents, however I feel that Grandmother should atone for what she has done to my children. My children tell me that they can no longer trust me at all. And the close relationship that I have with my children has been compromised by Grandmothers malicious actions. As a licensed professional, this woman should know better than to take out her anger on her grandchild.

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