What should I do if there are double standards company policy? Posted on July 08, 2011

When an employee is hired as an assistant manager and on their first day, they are given numerous amount of papers to sign, such as receiving and reading the employees hand book on company policies, operation manuals, procedure manuals and numerous miscellaneous papers to sign, and then the representative said I’m sorry the employees hand book is in the process of being revised and it will be ready in a week or so and never receive it because we all had forgotten.

As an assistant manager, you authorize a policy that you believe is correct because you have seen other managers doing what you just authorize, knowingly on the bases that you have seen your training manager doing it as well as other managers in different times, It led me to believe that what I had authorize to an employee was correct, and much later, learned that this is against company policy and I was fired.

I feel I honestly didn’t know of the correct policy and I have viewed my training manager many times doing what I had thought was the right way, along with other senior managers doing it the same way.
I also feel that I am being Discriminated, Harassed and Signaled out.

My question is, are they allowed firing you, and why is it OK for other manager to go against company policy and still be employed. Is it because I signed the acknowledgment of receiving and understanding the employee’s hand book which I never really received because it was being revised and at the time, but they have a signed copy with my signature that states I have received and understand the employee’s hand book.

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