What should I do if someone posted a threatening message to my Facebook? 1 Answers as of February 10, 2011

I was on Facebook. My mother asked me a question on the board in regards to my brother in law. I answered the question with my honest opinion. I posted the comment. I never mentioned specific names, I just said that the parties involved were being vindictive and hateful. This lady somehow sees what I wrote (she is not on my friends list) then proceeds to send me a private message telling me to stay out of the argument, I have nothing to do with it. Then she went further to threaten to sue me with slander. I had no intention for the situation to escalate the way it did. I was answering the question from my perspective not once mentioning this lady in particular. Because the entire situation involves about 7 or 8 people. So, she doesn't know who I was talking about. I wanted to know what my rights are and what are the chances that this lady has a case? I have not responded nor do I intend to.

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In order for you to bring any criminal charges against her you will have to have more than just telling you to stay out of the argument or threats to sue you. With regard to the threat to sue you for slander, slander is very difficult to prove. If you didn't mention any names then I can't see how she is going to sue you for slander. Good Luck to you.
Answer Applies to: Florida
Replied: 2/10/2011
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