What should I do if someone is accusing me of things at work? Posted on June 17, 2011

This past Monday, a much younger woman, told my daughter, who both work at my employer, that I asked her for sex, dates, promised to buy her a house, car, etc.She is telling everyone in my workplace this, and that this supposedly happened well over a year ago. Let me clearly state now, that this is completely untrue. Not one bit ever happened. On Tuesday morning, I spoke to my supervisor, who informed me that HR would "look into it" on Wednesday. On Wednesday, my daughter, myself, and this accusing woman were spoken to, she stated that her supervisor and many other people heard me say these things to her. ( Again, clearly untrue, since it never happened!!) But HR then called these people in, and all "witnesses" said, they never heard me say anything of the like to her, but they did hear rumors, (clearly, she started). Later that day, I was called in, and told, from them, that it was a "big misunderstanding" between my daughter, and this girl. But after talking to my daughter, I realized, this wasn't the case. That she was still "sticking to her story", that HR told her as well, that it was just must have been a misunderstanding. Let me again say, there was never never any romantic interest, physical or any of the like from me towards her, ever! At this point, I went back to HR, and "demanded' that something be done. Today, Friday, I was informed by HR that no findings were found and as I left today I let them know that all my rights have been violated, the "investigation" has been news all over the company, and all fellow employees know of this, I have been sexually harassed I feel, these rumors were started by her, completely fabricated, and my reputation at work has been challenged at best!! I feel if roles were reversed I would have been fired , as many cases in past have been handled this way!! I am a happily married 41 year old man, father of 3 which I pride myself in, and she is a 23 young woman, who in the past has been written up at work.

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