What should I do if my landlord will not conduct repairs? Posted on March 06, 2011

I am a single 58 year old woman just recently moved into an older house that has been converted into 3 apt. units. 2 upstairs and the biggest of the apt. is the complete downstairs. I live in the smallest apt. upstairs with only one way in or out (ie only 1 door in/out). I am single live alone and on a small salary ie no matter how many hours I work the pay stays the same so therefore I have had to learn to be extrememly frugal. I did not know when I moved into this really tiny apt. that the attic above has no insulation whatsoever in it at all thereby letting all the heat and/or air escape and running up the power and gas bill tremendously even though I keep mine turned down as much as possible to be very frugal. The only thing heat in this small apt. is natural gas heat (ALAGASCO) so you can imagine my about to have a heart attack at just my heat bill for 1 mo. as I said a very very small apt was right at $300. I have told the landlord about this and the attic needs insulating she will not do it. The bathroom faucet was leaking at the faucet and underneath the sink she would not fix it. I had to buy these supplies and get someone to fix it at my own expense. The toilet was running constantly which meant that the guts needed replacing she would not replace that, so again I had to buy that and pay someone to fix this and replace. I told her the only way in and out of my apt. is 1 doorway ( i thought that was against the law I thought there had to be 2 exits????) but anyway the door lock and deadbolt lock kept getting harder and harder to lock and I told her about this too she refused to fix it so once again i had to go and buy a better deadbolt and door lock and have this replaced at my own expense. The hot water heater is in a very odd place in the kitchen by the stove with a very very large open space it is setting in and has a split type door that will not stay closed and the cold air just rushes in around ran out of char please help.

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