What should I do if I have been wrongly accused of falsifying a bank document? Posted on May 19, 2011

I contacted my cable/internet provider to pay my bill via telephone. Several weeks passed and I received a late notice from the provider. I contacted the provider and advised that I had paid the bill and they asked me to fax my bank statement showing it had cleared. I faxed the bank statement showing the transaction, the provider then contacted my bank to get more information about the transaction and faxed the bank a copy of the statement I had faxed to them. I then spoke with someone at the bank who said that they were unable to locate the transaction. Upon downloading a new copy of my statement from online banking, I noticed the transaction was no longer showing on the statement. I re-balanced my account and everything balanced properly. I let the person at the bank know of this and then made arrangements to pay the bill in question. I had heard nothing else about this and did not pursue it any further and over 2 weeks had passed and my bank account was suddenly closed. After contacting the bank, I was informed that the Head of Operations had closed my account because "it appeared that the original statement that was sent to the service provider had been manipulated." The branch manager advised me that there is a "possibility of legal action" against myself and my husband (who is also on the bank account). I have since spoken with the CEO of the bank and he is looking into the matter, as he was not aware of it prior to my speaking with him. I need to know where I stand. Could they really have a case against me? I have no idea how one would even go about falsifying a document like that. My husband and I are honest and hardworking citizens and have never done anything against the law. Being that nothing was "gained" from this so-called "false document," do they still have a case against me if they should decide to pursue this legally? If so, what should we do? My husband and I cannot afford attorneys and have no clue where to begin.

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