What should I do if I have an outstanding bill with a storage facility? Posted on August 06, 2011

My situation: I rented a storage unit, then fell on hard times and unfortunately was unable to pay. After being late for 30 days I received a bill showing what I owed and that I have been locked out. ok so I "assumed" that if I didn't pay they would sell my stuff. Well six months after that a received another bill saying what the new balance was and if I didn't pay they would sell my belongings. Which totally surprised me because once again I "assumed" and thought it was already sold. Ok mind you I'm behind on this unit seven months now! Ok well now that I've got that bill and they said they were selling my stuff I figured that's that. It is now six months from that date and I recieve a call saying that I am now 13 months behind and I owe a ridiculous amount!!!!! I once again was under the "assumption" that my stuff had already been sold!!!! This is a really ran down storage facility in the middle of nowhere. I'm under the impression that he has let this go so long because he has no one wanting to rent anymore and just a way to rack up an outstanding bill. I figured that If this was still going on I would get a bill every month instead of him blind siding me and letting this go over a year to build up. He said he has sent me a certified letter. I have never received it! I am wondering what I should do. If this is legal for him to do or am I in the wrong. I understand that I am in the wrong by not paying but I believe he is trying to get well more than what he deserves by dragging this out for a year when he was legally able to sell my stuff after 30 days. This is in Indiana.

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