What should I do if the actual square footage of apartment less than advertised? Posted on May 21, 2011

Few days back I signed a lease agreement of a 1BR apartment, whose advertised sq. footage area was 680 sq. ft. I have not yet moved from my previous apt., but will have to in 5-6 days. But when we actually measured the area, it came out to be only 610 sq. ft. (including all *inside* area, measuring complete rectangular length x breadth area which includes the whole apartment). Now when I told this thing to them, they said, "Well, you had seen this apartment before signing in the contract!" To which I said, "but I hadn't measured the apartment as I believed your floor plan! ". And then she pointed me to the word "Approximate" near the square footage in their floor plan. Now I really don't know how approximate can be "approximate". Can they really give me a 500 sq. ft. apartment as well, saying it's "approximately 680"? Then someone else in their office said it is for the "full area" which I think would only include the boundary walls of the apartment. (Even then it is not close to 680. (May be 630-635). What does the law say in this? What things are in my hand now? In 6 days I can't even find a new apartment, and even if I do, they say since I've already signed it with them, I'll have to pay 6 months rent even if I break the contract (or find a sublet).

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