What should I do if accused of theft in Massachusetts? Posted on February 05, 2011

I went into a store to purchase a phone, I meet with the woman behind the counter and she was working alone. I discussed with her the price of the phone and decided that i wanted to buy it, i gave her my cc and she stated that she did not accept cc, so i left went to the ATM took the money out and went back. I had to swap my information over to the new phone an gave her my personal information and she walked away from me I stood there for a while waiting for her. While I was waiting I saw some on the other side of the counter reach behind and take a phone out and put it in there pocket. The woman behind the counter walked right over to him and didn't even notice what he did. He then walked pass me and asked me if I was buying a phone. I pointed to the phone that I was about to purchase. He grabs the phone and walks out the store. I was so scared didn't know what to do because I didn't see the lady so I walked out the store. When I got home she had someone else call me to tell me that the phone was missing and that I came into the store with the guy and one of us took the phone, she has it on camera and that she was going to call the police. I then went back to the store to inform the lady that I didn't take the phone, as soon as she saw me she started saying give me back the phone and something about the guy she has it on camera. I explained to her that I would not give her my personal information an then steal the phone. Could I have warrant? What should I do

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