What should I do if accused of public intoxication of marijuana in Arkansas? Posted on January 28, 2011

I was sitting in the car with a few of my friends and they pulled out a blunt and started smoking it. I did not know it was in the car until one of my friends brothers pulled it out. anyway they started smoking and I did not smoke anything at all. Well a cop pulled up and we all got out of the car and I was very polite and cooperated fully. Then another cop came, one who dealt mainly with drugs, and tested the driver and another guy then he told me to come up and stand with my feet together, which I did just fine, and he told me I was high. I told him that I had not been smoking and that I did not think I was high and he checked my lips which were clean then he said "I can tell just by looking at your eyes, you are high" then he answered his cell phone and told me to sit down. I know I was not high. He did not do any other test, no light test no follow the pen, no lift one foot off the ground or anything, he just looked me in the eyes and told me I was high. Later the drug cop left and the first cop told me the drug cop told him I did not smoke off the blunt, my lips were clean and the first cop said he believed that I had not. I was polite the whole time and he gave me a citation for court because of public intoxication of marijuana because of the second hand smoke...

In Arkansas It must be proven that you were either being a nuisance to people in the area or could be dangerous to you or others around you. We were nowhere around people when this happened. I enlisted in the military and if this doesnt get thrown out or shows up at all on my record, even if I have to pay a fine, ill be kicked out and banned entry. I dont want my life ruined because of this one thing. Ive never been in trouble in my life, never had law problems or anything. What should I do?

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