What should I do while being investigated at work? Posted on June 12, 2011

I currently work for Macys which is a unionized store. we have a 1 day hold policy. I have been there for 8 years and have a tremendous amount of clients. I personal shop for a lot of these customers which means I set items aside for the appointments I book with them. I work around the hold policy but sometimes it is difficult. I usually preshop on Mon or Tues when it is slow then I will have wed, thurs off. My appointments are usually during the weekend or I prep before I'm off because it would be too difficult to do so on a Friday or Saturday when the business is at its highest volume. I asked both security and a manager what to do in this situation. Security told me to get a manager approval and make sure the hold tag is updated. The manager told me to not scratch off the date, to update it, write a detailed note on why it needed to be extended, and put per "her name." These are the steps I took to make sure my client holds were there for the customers appointments when I returned from my days off. We recently had a corporate visit and my hold closet was looked at it and he was not happy about the extensions of holds probably not knowing why I had all these holds. Probably because I'm the only employee that does it which makes me stand out as an employee and makes macys stand out customer service wise. For her name being on these holds, she did not look good and then I became the target for why corporate was unhappy. I've beat my sales plan every month by an average of 10% by doing this among other things. Now I have a meeting with hr, the manager, my union rep, and I that I requested. After an email that was sent to hr from my union rep setting up this meeting, I was suspended for the day. Hr claimed I had forged a managers name and they were suspending me pending investigation.

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