What should a father with joint physical custody do when he is concerned about the child in the mothers home? Posted on August 15, 2011

My Son agreed to 50/50 physical custody because he wanted both parents to be involved in his Sons life. It was working well for awhile. Recently he has been having concerns about the environment in the Mothers home. My grandsons Mother has had to move at least 4 times in the last year because her and her new boyfriend have had financial difficulty due to not being able to hold down a job. Also the Mother and her new boyfriend have been arrested for domestic assault (they both had injuries during the fight)while my Grandson was in her care. My son has had 2 different lawyers and neither one has wanted to fight for him. My son was diagnosed with leukemia in 2008 and has just finished chemo and has no sign of the cancer right now. He is on disability right now but will be able to return to work in a few months. One lawyer he talked to actually told him he couldn't get custody because of his cancer because he could die tomorrow. My son really needs some advice on this situation. Because of being on disability he can't afford much. He only wants his son to have a happy life in a stable home. He lives in Iowa.

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