What responsibility do my neighbors have to repair a fence they destroyed? Posted on June 01, 2011

I have a fence that separates my yard from my neighbors yard; between the fence and my neighbor's property is a city alley. My neighbor grassed in the alley many years ago and has maintained it as part of their yard. Their sprinkler system runs for half the day, rain or shine, and has saturated the ground so much that the posts for the fence has rotted out and collapsed, or in some cases, completely bent over in the soft soil. I have spoken to them previously & requested that they decrease the amount they water as well as redirect there sprinklers which would saturate the fence as well as the ground. Now that the fence is down, their sprinklers shoot 5+ feet into our yard. The neighbor’s response to help repair the fence financially has resulted in an answer of them not being able to control where the water goes. What rights do I have and what is their responsibility to maintain the fence that is currently destroyed due to the sprinklers on their property? Thank you.

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