What recourse does an ex-wife have after discovering corporate fraud post-divorce remedies? 1 Answers as of April 11, 2017

A company signed 2014 corporate shares and all assets were held in joint revocable trust. Assets were dissolved upon "promissory" notes by husband’s family. The court reserved jurisdiction over unresolved issues. Wife discovered the 500 shares and commercial lines of credit used by ex-husband using wife's signature for Trust Deeds and bank notes in March 2016. Wife filed a motion to set aside corporation shares jointly held unvalued and undistributed. Courts denied wife asserting she should have brought it up within 12 months and charged her $5,000 for frivolous action. January 2017 Ex-wife discovers original Joint signed Trust agreements. Ex-husband and Business Trust and Tax attorneys amended corporation to S corporation and changed the name of the Business entity and Pension plans insurance Trust and $1.5 million dollars savings account without disclosing to co-trustee wife. What legal remedies does she have and ex-husband had put the trust tax if under his Social security number as is customary for married couples are seen as one shareholder. However, police, banks and other institutional employees aren't aware of this and malicious prosecution was begun to hide the corporate and attorney fiduciary fraud.

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Answer Applies to: California
Replied: 4/11/2017
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