What is the process to file a state tax lien against homestead property? Posted on November 16, 2010

1. Two liens filed on 3/7/01 by State of Texas in current county for Gasoline and Diesel taxes from 3/96.
2. Son amended deed of trust (property he purchased in 2001) to add myself and my wife to title on 4/21/05.
A. Transferring 1/3 ownership to myself, 1/3 to wife and son retained 1/3 ownership.
B. Filed for homestead exemption, outstanding liens attached.
3. Received letter from State dated 9/2/10 - this is the first notice I ever received stating there was a balance due to the State of $40K, the liens filed on property equate to $15K.
4. Pulled credit report to find another two judgments for Lottery and sales tax.

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