What possible civil or criminal actions and amounts that Mr. Molina can claim in each action? 4 Answers as of September 26, 2013

Mr. Molina owned a condominium unit in Makati City that he wanted to sell for a minimum price of 3 Million pesos. He assigned his erstwhile real estate broker, Ms. Rodriguez as his agent. He authorized her to sell the condo unit for a price not below than three million pesos. He also delivered some antique furniture to be sold at a price provided by Mr. Molina. Ms. Rodriguez was to receive 5% of the purchase price at which she will be able to sell the condo unit and 10% for each sale of furniture. Ms. Rodriguez was able to sell the unit for 4 Million pesos, but unfortunately her son got sick and needed 6 Million for her treatment. As Ms. Rodriguez decided to devote her time taking care of her son, she delivered several of the antique furniture left by Mr. Molina to Mr. Posada- a friend of Ms. Rodriguez whom Mr. Molina did not know - with instructions to sell the furniture, specifying the same minimum prices given by Mr. Molina, and with a promise that Ms. Rodriguez will give five percent (5%) of the price at which he could sell each item of furniture. Upon Mr. Molina's return from his travels, he tried to contact Ms. Rodriguez about the condominium unit and the antique furniture he entrusted to the latter, but he was not able to get in touch with Ms. Rodriguez. Mr. Molina learned from the management of the condominium building where his unit was located that the unit had been sold for Four Million Pesos. Mr. Molina also found out, through one of her regular antique buyers that several pieces of the furniture were being sold by a certain Mr. Posada at a very cheap price. Mr. Molina's effort to contact Ms. Rodriguez was unavailing.

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I am not going to answer your examination question for you.
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All answers provided apply to Massachusetts cases and Massachusetts law ONLY. If your question relates to an issue from another state you should contact a lawyer from that state as each state has its own laws and statutes. Your question sounds like a law exam question for the NY Yankees, which I really don't comment on. You can also download our new App for your smart phone. There are answers to client questions, access to our web site, cases and verdicts, one-button email and one button telephone access to my office and much more.
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Do your own homework. Lazy wanna-bes.
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If this is a serious question, given the number of pesos involved, you need to consult an attorney licensed to practice in the appropriate country, not post on a US website. If this is a law school question that you are looking for a leg up on, you may want to check the school's rules on cheating, and the consequences therefore.
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